Wild Mountain Thyme // Split 7" vinyl with John Calvin Abney

Okay, so I’m not good at updating the blog/news portion of this site, as has been shown. I did want to pop in though to tell you about a LIMITED EDITION split 7” vinyl record I did with John Calvin Abney that came out on September 28th, 2018 on Clerestory AV. I did a cover of the Scottish traditional song, Wild Mountain Thyme, with additional playing from David Leach, Kinsey Charles, and JCA. It’s a a nice little tune, perfect for those end of summer, cooler warm days. You can purchase the vinyl (on very pretty transparent seafoam green vinyl) here: https://www.clerestoryav.com/store/okay-vol-1 .

CAV009 JCA + SAM mock up2.jpg

We will also be doing a release show for this album on October 16th in Norman, Oklahoma at the Chouse. There is very limited seating and the tickets are already half gone so buy them up quick over here: https://www.clerestoryav.com/store/cav009-release-show .


Okay! That’s all for now I think! Still lots of tour dates this year and more will be added soon! So hope you see you all out at a show!



32 Years

It's my 32nd birthday today. My Aiattatok Nitak. Constantly falling in love with and struggling against my fire self. In the words of Joy Harjo, "Those of fire move about the earth with inspiration and purpose. They are creative, and can consume and be consumed by their desires. They are looking for purpose, a place in which to create. They can be so entranced with the excitement of creation that their dreams burn up, turn to ashes."
At times, I have bent myself and others, time and space, words and materials and particles, to my vision and made great things. Other times, my hunger has ravaged my body and spirit and mind, my community, my function....
The heat, the energy, the light--THAT is my definition and my gift...
The mission that I try to accept every day is finding the perfect carrier for that flame....something with the mobility of a torch, the fieriness of a furnace, the sacred warmth of a lantern....
32 years in on this quest...the quest itself has been a great enough opportunity.